A PABX (Private Automatic Branch eXchange), more commonly referred to as PBX is the term used to refer to your telephone system and arises from when PBX used to have an operator (or not, hence the "Automatic").

Initially these systems were an internal network, providing voice service within campus, with access to the public network and not much more. As technology advanced they incorporated many of the features you are familiar with today - caller ID, paging, voicemail etc. and have now progressed to the IP world, allowing integration with computers and other IP hardware.

IP telephony is rapidly becoming the norm and can offer a level of flexibility and potential cost savings not previously feasible with traditional PABX. What is important to understand is that your computer networks, be it broadband or Ethernet are only possible as a result of the development of telecommunication. So if telecommunication was a chicken and IP was an egg, the chicken came first!

Where Federal Communications excel in this arena is we know telephone systems, how they work and more importantly how you expect them to work. This gives us a distinct adavntage over IT companies that are expanding into this area, many for the first time.

We have a broad range of products to suit all needs and are best qualified to advise as to what will best suit your needs, current and future. Contact us for more information.