BT Openreach are scheduled to end traditional PSTN and ISDN services in 2025. Customers should be receiving advance notice during 2020.

These will be replaced by either SIP trunks servicing your phone system or by hosted VoIP handsets. SIP trunks and hosted VoIP handsets are effectively Internet lines that will run over your Internet connection. These services have been available for many years now and are the only services we are recommending for new installations.

For existing clients we have a range of options that can be implemented now or at any stage up to 2025. The primary consideration is whether to stay with a PBX phone system or switch to a hosted solution (a phone system in the cloud).

Hosted telephony is ideal for companies that have either very few employees needing a phone, or larger companies where the staff to line ratio needs to be higher. For instance, if you have 20 internal extensions but only 3 or 4 people will be on an external line at any one time, there is no point in paying 20 rentals for a hosted solution when 4 SIP trunks connected to a PBX would suffice. Every business is different and we evaluate your needs to provide a real cost/benefit solution that will last for years.

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