Telephony - the lifeblood of any business. Get it right and it will serve your business and enhance productivity more than any other tool at your disposal. Get it wrong and it can result in confusion, loss of business and a significant loss of efficiency.
A lot of businesses come to the market believing they already know what they need and often make rash purchases or sign long term contracts for a solution that may not be the best fit. Talking to us can help reassure you of your decisions or perhaps lead you down a better route for your business telephony needs.

The two choices facing most customers is whether to go hosted or in house and either option can be painted as the right choice, dependent on the sales rep sat in front of you. At Federal we want what is best for you, and will not sell a solution we do not feel is correct. We believe in long term business relationships, based on trust and total honesty.

Hosted Telephony- Best suited to small business, businesses with a lot of remote workers/offices and business where large numbers of external lines are required, such as call centres. Call quality is generally excellent, but service can be affected by many different factors.

PABX/On site telephony- These systems are best suited to larger companies where the number of lines to extensions ratio is much lower. You may have 40 members of staff but only require 6 lines for external calls as they are not in constant use. These systems also work well with remote workers and branch offices, are extremely reliable and call quality is exceptional. Modern in house PABX use IP telephony the same as hosted systems, but with added functionality not found in many hosted solutions.

Whilst IP telephony is helping lower the cost of communication it is important to recognise that your reliability and quality is governed by your internet connection. A lot of businesses are swayed by the low line rental that SIP trunks and hosted telephony provide, not realising that they will need a much higher cost connectivity solution in order to enable this to be a stable and reliable service.
Every business is different, let our experts assess your needs and make sure you are on the right path. Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.