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One issue I found straight away is that, with the default settings, if your Pi boots without a monitor attached or switched on it cannot detect the appropriate settings and on a standard HDMI connection all you get is a blank screen.

There are loads of options that can be set, but I feel if you're going to use HDMI you may as well set the output to 1080p 60Hz and be sure it will work on any standard TV or monitor.

To do this I edited the config.txt file as follows:

Open a terminal and type sudo nano /boot/config.txt and hit ENTER

Paste the following at the bottom of this file

# Display settings

Before exiting scroll back up through the file and comment out any other HDMI settings that aren't already using a #

Press CTRL O  and then ENTER to write the file and then CTRL X to exit the editor.

For full details on these settings please see