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How to set up and use document sets in Sharepoint O365 

First create or navigate to a document library you will use for this purpose 

Existing Library – select from links 

New Library – Navigate to Site Contents and click New – Document library. Name your Library and select if it is to show in the Quick Links or not

Navigate to your new library 

Click the cog top right and select Site Information – go down and select view all site settings 

Under Site Collection Administration select Site Collection Features 

Next to Document sets if it doesn’t already say Active to the right then click Activate to enable 

Click back to site settings and under Web Designer Galleries select site content types 

At the top click Create –  

Name your new content type and from the parent content type dropdown select Document Set Content Types. Create a new group – I had issues finding the new content type when I selected an existing group – didn't investigate further as just as easy to create your own group. 

Click OK Bottom right 

This will open your new content type settings – we will return here later 

Navigate back to your library – hit the cog and select library settings 

Under General Settings select Advanced settings – select yes under Allow management of content types? 

Scroll to bottom and click OK. This will then show up a new section on the same page just below “Content Types” Under that select add from existing site content types 

In the Select site content types from: dropdown select your new group name you set when creating your new content type. You will then see your content type on the box below – select and click Add, followed by OK 

Navigate back to your library – when you select New now you will see your Document set available – the original menu is cut right down to just Document and your set – edit links to put individual formats back on the list. 

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Customising your Document set 

OK – most useful feature I find is that if you need to include standard documents for every project you can have them created, prepended with the document set name, automatically. The bit I said earlier to maybe leave a tab open – lets navigate back there to Library – Site Information- View All Site Settings – Web Designer Galleries – Site Content types– scroll to your newly created content type and click it to open. 

Click Document Set Settings and here is where you can add your default content to each folder as it is created. 

Add additional content types if you want anything other than basic documents in here 

Under Default Content type a name for a folder if you want the files created in a folder and then select the Choose file button to select a file (from your hard drive so make sure you have a local copy). 

Columns and welcome page I’ve not investigated too  much as I found the welcome page can break the modern view ad turn your library into classic view from which you can’t exit – I'll look at that again when I get chance as I feel the Welcome page could be a good addition for maybe displaying basic info?